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Predoctoral fellows will follow the core epidemiology curriculum established by the UNC-CH epidemiology department, the GenHLB training program, and supplemental courses recommended by research mentors.

The GenHLB training program requires that predoctoral fellows complete four general GenHLB courses (8 credits total) spanning the pathophysiology, epidemiology, and genetic epidemiology of HLB phenotypes:

EPID 735 (Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology),
EPID 743 (Genetic Epidemiology),
EPID 889.1 (High Throughput Data Analysis),
EPID 889.2 (Advanced Topics in Genetic Epidemiology).

In addition to these courses, predoctoral fellows will complete two additional graduate-level courses in their complementary training dimension (e.g. courses offered by the Departments of Anthropology, Biology, Biostatistics, Genetics, Nutrition, and Sociology). This level of advanced training is similar in scope to the training required for predoctoral fellows selecting formal minors.

All fellows will complete a 20-hour responsible conduct of research (RCR) course, which addresses all the NIH-required topics for the first phase of RCR training, including human subjects research, conflicts of interest, and mentor/mentee relationships.